Where The Hell Are You?



You’re on my personal blog. Who am I? Max Moeller. What do I do? I write about things. Those things range anywhere from video games to cryptocurrency. My day-to-day includes writing and editing for BeInCryptoTechRaptor, and various clients. Otherwise, you can find me learning to play music, practicing photography, playing video games, or reading.

I have been playing video games my entire life. They’ve shaped me into the person I am today. My goal is to generate discussion around gaming and to showcase how they can be good for the world. I also want to promote the hard work of passionate developers trying to bring their dreams to life.

My other passion is cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology behind it. I believe that the blockchain is one of the most innovative advancements in the past decade. It has the power to revolutionize multiple industries across the world, and I want to be there to help it. I want to generate awareness of the blockchain and show the world how it can be used for good.

Have a look around, leave a comment, or check out my other work. For those interested, here is a further breakdown of what I do.

Freelance Writing

Fuck the day job amirite? I have always wanted to travel and live on my own schedule. I have worked years to do so, and it has finally happened. I pay my bills through freelance writing for various clients. I am a quick learner and have written B2B articles, how-to blog posts, game reviews, cryptocurrency breakdowns, and more. I know how to write some mean copy, and I can meet a reasonable deadline. If you’re interested in working with me, send me an e-mail via the contact page up above, and we can get started. My portfolio is available via the tabs up above. I specialize in cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, gaming, and technology posts.

Games Journalism

I have always loved video games. I believe they can be used as a way to teach people about a variety of things. Since joining up with The Koalition, my world was forever changed. I have written about tons of different titles, both in preview and review format. I have attended conventions like E3 and PAX East and met some of the most wonderful people in the world through this work. I can only hope to continue working in games journalism for as long as I live.

I do believe the industry is in a bit of a standstill at the moment, however. To combat that, I have every desire to challenge the traditional formatting. I want to work against putting a score at the end of every review, to stop forcing developers to crunch to meet deadlines, and to get people to start treating each other right, dammit! The gaming community is filled with rude and demanding people that don’t have respect for one another. I hope that through my work I can generate meaningful discussion on video games, and I will do my best to ensure that is always the case.

I also participate in multiple podcasts that can be found on The Koalition or GameCast.

My game journalism work can be found via the tabs up above.

Video Editing

I have been video editing for most of my life. I have done vlogs, long-form gaming essays, short films, and more. Most of my video editing work can be found on my personal YouTube channel or on GameCast and TechRaptor. I create video game analysis essays and reviews alongside cryptocurrency video guides and opinion pieces.


Up above is a summary of what I do. Here, I am going to break down my projects a bit more.


Where I spend most of my time. BeInCrypto is an independent cryptocurrency and blockchain news website. I’m usually editing pieces here, though I find the time to write from time to time.


TechRaptor is a thriving media outlet that focuses on gaming. There, I write game reviews, opinion pieces, news articles, and blockchain/gaming cross-over pieces.

Games for Good (Tentative Name)

This is a project of my own doing. My goal with Games for Good is to create a video series that showcases how games can be good for people. Video games can teach us empathy, work ethic, resilience, love, and more. While still in the early stages, I want it to change the way the world looks at video games.

Personal YouTube Channel (On Hiatus)

Here, I will be creating gaming and cryptocurrency content. My YouTube channel is a creative outlet, and it has taught me endless skills throughout my lifetime. I have learned how to manage content, how to create enticing headlines and how to tag for search engine optimization. It has taught me how to make deadlines, engage viewers, and how to present myself to the world. These are only a few of the endless ways YouTube has affected my life positively.

Currently, my personal channel is retired so I can put time towards Games for Good.

Subnation (Retired)

I worked for the editorial side of Subnation for a few short months and got some good pieces in, though they ended up cutting the writing budget.


GameCast (Retired)

GameCast is a business venture I started with my friend Sully. We built a community of gamers from the ground up, and create weekly content to entertain and inform. This position has taught me leadership, community management, scheduling, and how to build a business from nothing.

Recently, I’ve left GameCast to pursue other projects. The team over there is still doing great things, and I’ll always consider them good friends.

Conscious (Retired)

Conscious is an incentivized meditation application built on the blockchain. I write content surrounding the blockchain and how it can be used for wellness and self-improvement.

Eventually, the team went a different route and I moved on.

Unhashed (Retired)

Unhashed is a cryptocurrency/blockchain media outlet. The team and I focus on creating reliable, well-researched content in the emerging space. I write daily news articles and occasional opinion pieces for Unhashed.

Not sure what happened here, but they eventually stopped responding and the website hardly ever updates. Oh, well!

As always, I am working to get my name out there and bring good to the world through my work. I want to change the way people think by showing them how technology can be great. Any projects I get involved with will be updated on this page. Thanks for reading, and let’s change the world together.